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Air Express Cargo

Air Cargo is a door-to-door day-definite delivery service within India for shipments weighing 10kgs and above. It is the fastest, most efficient delivery solution for your commercial shipments that are time-bound and are required to undergo regulatory clearances or require special handling.
Air Cargo offers you an economical option of an Airport-to-Door service from the major airports of Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad to all the Air Cargo locations serviced. You may book space for your shipments through our Customer Service and deliver your shipments to our Seabird Office.


Air Cargo

Air Cargo offers the following features and benefits

Wide Market

Market reach is the estimated number of potential consumers who could see your specific campaign or advertising medium.

COD (Cash on Delivery)

The invoice value of the shipment booked by you will be collected from the consignee in the form of cash at the time of the delivery.

DOD (Demand Draft on Delivery)

The invoice value of the shipment booked by you will be collected from consignee in the form of a demand draft at time of the delivery.

FOV - Insurance Arrangement

Seabird Express (SBE) can facilitate arrangements to insure your goods through an insurance company.

Single-window Clearance

Shipments are picked-up from your location, transported to their destination, processed through the regulatory channels and delivered to the consignee.


On the status of your shipment at all stages of transportation, through our advanced tracking system. You may Track your shipment through the net, or Contact Seabird.


Click on Transit Time Finder to confirm the delivery time for your shipment, or Contact Seabird.

Free Proof of Delivery on Demand

You may use Tracking, or Contact Seabird for information on date and time of delivery as well as name of recipient.


Backed by our air network night operations focused on carriage on freight, shipments are uplifted the same night for early morning deliveries at major metros.


Air Cargo offers options of Airport-to-Door and Door-to-Airport delivery services, apart from a Door-to-Door service.


Air Cargo offers a cost-effective logistics solution with time-bound deliveries that provide cost-savings in warehousing and inventory.