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Seabird International Prime Express

Seabird Express an International Express Package Delivery Services is one of the most respected Express Courier Companies in India. Our strategic alliances with Global Companies give you access to a comprehensive international infrastructure from any city in India to worldwide destinations. We offer customized, time-bound, cost-effective, door-to-door delivery of International Courier Services of your valuable Documents and Parcels / Samples with a commitment of speedy, safe and timely deliver


At Seabird Express 

we take great pride in innovating through technology while continuously striving to develop our service offerings and find new ways to enhance our customer’s experience and satisfaction, while keeping things simple so that doing business with us is perfectly convenient. All your international shipments are given top priority and are tracked right from pick-up until delivery by the most sophisticated tracking systems. In fact, you can monitor the precise status of your shipments at every step of its journey.

We deliver all types of commodities such as Chemical Samples, Garments, Fabrics, Artworks, Handicrafts, Auto Parts, Household and Food Items, Gifts etc.
We also provide Priority Delivery Service for your valuable and time-sensitive International Documents.